Woman pickets record store, claims Rock ‘n Roll “causes autism”

From: Nora D. Shadsworth, thenorthbaybay.ca contributor

NORTH BAY — Bundled against the cold and carrying a sign that says “Rock and Roll Causes Autism”, anti-vaccine protester Brenda Havershall has been picketing the former location of Records on Wheels in downtown North Bay for six weeks now.

Chanting “Down with The Cure” and “Doctor Dre Is Toxic,” Havershall believes that the medical community has been using rock and roll, rap, and pop lyrics to promote a pro-vaccine agenda for over half a century.

“You can’t tell me that The Cure isn’t about vaccines,” seethes Havershall. “It’s right there, man. Just open your eyes.”

“And don’t even get me started on Pearl Jam. That’s code for ‘autism causing medicine,’ man. I’ve read the literature. I saw a video on YouTube exposing it all.”

Busta Rhyme’s Crimes

Havershall says the pro-vaccine agenda goes beyond simple band names.

“You can’t hear lyrics like Busta Rhyme’s song ‘So Hard Core’ and not get that they [the medical establishment] is trying to mess with our minds, man,” explains Havershall before slinging off some rather sick lines from Mr. Rhymes.


“Lost or found flow will blast like a four pound!,

Right before I hit you off with my vaccine,

Starch, carbohydrates, lots of protein!”


Protest Continuing

Asked how long she would be protesting outside the defunct music store, Havershall said “every day until I expose the truth!”

“But, today, I’m going home. I don’t feel well.”

Records on Wheels closed on January 31, 2014.

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