Will Boissoin loses all 4 of his votes

From: Jennifer Hanson, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — Following a series of public Facebook posts in which he compared the local police to pigs, Mayoral Candidate Will Boissoin appears to have lost all 4 of his votes.

“It’s a shame, really” says friend Jacob Beaucage. “Will was relying on those votes to make him feel important.”

Having posted his long, grammatically suspect rant under the name of “Willy Tony,” Boissoin has since changed his online name and deleted his comments.

“I can’t really fault him for that,” says fellow candidate Gary Gardiner. “Who hasn’t posted something they regret? In my defense though, I did¬†honestly think sharing that post might get me some sweet Ray Ban shades, but all it did was get my account hacked and my wife real mad.”

“Also all my websites are in Russian now.”

A Slice of Bacon

Already a distant fourth to the other remaining mayoral candidates, Boissoin may have lost up to 3 of his votes for his rant, in which he accused anyone defending the police as “being a slice of bacon.”

“That’s not what lost my vote, though,” says Will’s other actual real life friend Arthur Chow. “I checked on his Facebook page and there was this big picture of the Boston Bruins and Milan Lucic.”

“Everyone knows Lucic is the doucheiest player in hockey not named¬†Brad Marchand, so I can’t in good conscience vote for Will anymore.”

“I mean, Jesus, get a hold of yourself Will. The Boston Bruins?!



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