West Nipissing Council to settle disputes with Parking Lot Rumble

From: Darren D. MacDonald, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

WEST NIPISSING — In times like these we often see ourselves pushed to the limit, and no one knows this more than those on the West Nipissing Council. 

With the most recent West Nipissing disagreement, Mayor Joanne Savage has not been optimistic.

“There is no way that City Council can continue working like this,” explains Savage. “If we go online, 3 Councillors and I will be unable to attend.  If we go in person, a bunch of ingrates like Malette will act like of babies and not show up.”

“The solution is obvious – a parking lot rumble.  To the death!”

“Or, at least until there is a clear winner.”

And so it will be.

Malette’s Promo

The West Nipissing Council will meet in the LCBO parking lot across from the West Nipissing Municipality building.  Weapons are not only being allowed, but are being strongly encouraged. 

Sunday night, Councillors Chris Fisher, Roland Larabie, Leo Malette and Dan Roveda streamed a warning live from a poorly lit parking garage covered in graffiti. Malette spoke straight to the camera.

“You may be walking into that LCBO parking lot but you won’t be walking out,” snarls an unhinged, folding-chair-wielding Malette. “It’s up to you whether you leave in an ambulance or in a hearse!”

“If you thought Council was dysfunctional before, THEN JUST WAIT UNTIL THIS FRIDAY!  OOOOHHHH YYYEEEAAAAHHH!!!!”

Savage Reply

Malette’s video quickly led to Mayor Savage responding via Twitter.

Where To Watch

The West Nipissing LCBO Parking Lot Rumble will take place at 10pm Friday night.  The event is to be broadcast by YourTV live, with repeat airings at 4pm and 8pm the following day.

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