How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in North Bay!

From: staff

Another year, another Valentine’s Day! Stumped for something to do? Looking for North Bay specific tips? Well, look no further! Here’s what North Bay is doing to celebrate the day of love!

Lingerie Workshop

Kristi Bone will be running a lingerie workshop aimed at creating “sexy, functional” pieces from 100% green, ethically recovered items from the North Bay area.

Bone will teach attendees how to make bra and panties using leather jackets seized from The Leather Trend, and leggings from one of the many abandoned nets found in Lake Nipissing.

Name a Cat

Local animal shelters are trying a new Valentine’s Day initiative.

For just $30, couples can name a cat of their choice. The rescued cat will be given a nametag and then released into the wild where it may end up living a happy and carefree life.

Top spots for cat release are Laurier Woods, the Kinsmen Trail, and Duchesnay Falls. Couples choose the location and height of release.

Mall Orgy

The North Bay Mall will be hosting an orgy in the former Stitches outlet.

Doors open at 7pm and admission is $10 for women, $25 for men. Oil is provided and spectators are welcome.

The Farmer’s Market will be open selling cucumbers, carrots, and eggplants.

Off Road E-Bike Tour

Emmo will be conducting its first ever off-road e-bike tour.

Lucky couples will share an e-bike as the group tours Laurier Woods, Kinsmen Trail, and Duchesnay Falls.

The tour will conclude with a romantic, late evening picnic before couples return to Emmo for vaping and further celebration.

Everyone is asked to bring winter boots and emergency blankets “just in case,” and are advised to watch for feral cats.

Pub Crawl

Younger couples who are feeling more adventurous might want to participate in the first ever North Bay Methadone Pub Crawl.

The Methadone Pub Crawl starts at 8pm at The Fraser and then moves on to Shooters before returning to The Fraser. If neither establishment has kicked the group out, the party will return again to Shooters.

Methadone provided.

Secret Romantic Dinner

Don’t feel like being a part of a group? Why not try having a romantic dinner in any of the 10 empty storefronts downtown?

With minimal security, any truly determined couple can slip into and enjoy a relaxing evening in the heart of downtown!

Methadone (likely) provided.

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