PSA: “F*ck Trudeau” flags can come down, truck nuts now safe to go back on vehicles

From: George Waye, community contributor

NORTH BAY — An area urologist wants to remind the public that the spring truck nut season is right around the corner.

“We are really just a week or so away from the slush and snow fully disappearing, and when that happens it is safe to take down your “F*ck Trudeau” flags and replace them with truck nuts” says Dr. Virag Singh, a urologist with the Blue Sky Family Health Network.

“The rule of thumb is that when your giant mud tires stop kicking up slush that might shrink your truck nuts, it’s safe to get them back on the truck.”

“You don’t necessarily have to take down the “F*ck Trudeau” flag, but if you prefer to just go with the truck nuts, you certainly can.”

During the winter months, many people take their truck nuts off their vehicle as they impede the use of snow machine trailers – and the absence of truck nuts makes it hard for some to signal their political leanings.

“Truck nuts do make the ‘F*uck Trudeau’ flag redundant when you’re blocking electric car charging spots, but the warmer weather means you can still be loud and proud without the absolute need for a flag that frankly sounds like something a politically engaged Liberal woman might say.” says Singh.

Right wing marketers are still trying to figure out if “F*ck Trudeau” labelled truck nuts seem “too gay.”

More to come as the story drops.

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