City Replacing Transit Announcement Voice with Jerry O’Connell

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY – In an effort to get more people to use the North Bay City Transit, the city is pulling out all the stops (as long as it’s before 7pm). 

Greg Raimi, Manager of City Transit, declared Monday that North Bay City Transit will be replacing all of its announcement voices with the voice of city hero Jerry O’Connell. 

“It’s a small change that I think will improve the quality of the North Bay City Transit experience,” smiles Raimi. “All without actually taking steps to improve the North Bay City Transit experience.”

Instead of a wooden voice saying “Stopping at Northgate Shopping Mall,” buses will now have the lively voice of Jerry O’Connell saying “Hey, it’s Jerry O’Connell from the feature film Kangaroo Jack, and the next stop is the Northplace shopping thing.”

Spared No Expense

“It’ll bring some well needed liveliness to the bus,” explains Raimi.

“The soothing sound of Jerry O’Connell will help riders forget about that bus driver that yells at everyone, or the one that takes off suddenly and makes you spill your groceries all over the floor.”

Raimi says getting O’Connell to narrate for North Bay City Transit wasn’t hard.

“He was already a voice actor for animated DC projects, so between being   Shazam, The Atom, Nightwing and Superman – and all his movies over the years – we cobbled together enough words and sounds to make it like Jerry actually did the voice for us.”

“It’s like having the Justice League narrate your bus ride!”

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