29 tow trucks respond to person parking outside of the lines

From: Philip St. George, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

Maggie Tribolt had never seen anything like it.

“They came in from everywhere. They were spilling in from the front, the back, and I think one might have jumped the curb and drove across the grass.”

Maggie is referring to the 29 individual tow trucks which showed up to remove a car that had parked outside the lines in North Bay.

“It was a just sitting there sideways like an affront to God. People who park outside the lines are literally Hitler.”

The car, whose owner refused to comment, was parked over not one, but two spaces near a beloved North Bay establishment.

Within seconds of the car being parked, almost 30 full-sized heavy-duty tow trucks from North Bay, Callander, Powassan and Mattawa rolled into the lot in search of the unforgivable offender.

The Great Tow

The tow trucks, growling like angry badgers, circled the car for several minutes before the largest truck, unchallenged, hooked up the unprotected vehicle and towed it away.

Several of the smaller trucks leaked coolant as the successful tow truck blew its horn, producing an ominous and bellowing “La Cucaracha.”

“Thank God it’s gone,” breathes Maggie, happily snapping photos with her phone. “There’s only 300 free parking spaces here, so those two really mattered.”

Most of the remaining tow trucks slinked away, but The North Bay Bay caught up with one of the drivers before he left.

Christopher Audet, a driver for Espresstow™, warned others.

“We’re always watching” whispers Chris through the cracked and tinted windows of his truck. “You park outside the lines? We gotcha. You park too far forward? We gotcha. You got a bumper sticker someone else doesn’t like? …Gotcha.”

Chris then rolled his windows up, laughing manically, and drove away on the grass.

The car, moments before it was pounced on by a 8000 pound tow truck.

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