The North Bay Bay Celebrates 3 Years!

From: staff

Today, 3 years ago, The North Bay Bay went live with this article about launching the Quints Museum into space.

Since then, the website has gone from single digit readers to tens of hundreds of potential readers.

Our grasp of analytics is pretty shaky, so we’re actually not sure that anyone is reading.

Longtime writer and collaborator Darren D. MacDonald came up with the idea of doing a limited print edition of The North Bay Bay, but printing actual newspapers is crazy expensive and The North Bay Bay is a veritable black hole when it comes to making any sort of money, so instead, please enjoy this 3 page Limited Edition™ of The North Bay Bay featuring some of our writer’s favourite articles and a super neato crossword.

Here’s to 3 year, and here’s to at least 1 year more because that’s when our hosting runs out!

The North Bay Bay Team

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