The Milkchuk! – North Bay woman invents the most Canadian weapon in history

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY — Move over Bruce Lee, North Bay local Leia Ito is shaking up the martial arts scene with her newest creation – The Milkchuk.

“It operates much like a traditional nunchaku,” explains Ito, “but with the added weight and physics that come with over 4 pounds of milk.”

Each milkchuk is hand-crafted by Ito, who takes time and care to make sure the metal chain section is properly bonded to the bags.

“The only thing more embarrassing than hitting yourself with your own milkchuk is having it come apart and spill everywhere. It sort of spoils the mood.”

Shake It Up

Leia is hoping to introduce the milkchuk to the world, but she realizes it may take some time.

Her recent request to teach “milkchuka” at 3 Fires was denied.

“I understand why they’re skeptical,” says Ito, “but it doesn’t sour me on milkchuks. I’ll just work harder, swing faster, and keep my calcium levels high.”

Milk Farm

Ito says she might open her own school in the meantime.

“I’ll have beginner courses that use lighter milks, like 1% and 2%,” says Ito. “From there we’ll move up to whole milk and eventually bags of cream.”

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