City to embrace The COVEN Recycling Program

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY — With the climate on everyone’s mind, there has never been a better time for North Bay to revamp its recycling program.

“We found that it wasn’t a viable option to constantly make small updates to a Blue Bin program. Their system is pretty outdated as it is,” says Bob Beelz, an outside consultant in charge of upgrading & re-branding of the North Bay Recycling Program. “So, they contacted me to enact the ecological changes that I outlined in my book, The Eco-nomicon.”

Among many of the changes that the recycling program will undergo, the most notable is their expansion of items that will be taken at street side pickup.  

Right now North Bay accepts:

  • Paper/Cardboard
  • All food and beverage glass bottles and jars are accepted.
  • Aluminium 
  • Plastic (but only certain kinds) 

New Items Accepted

North Bay will now be going for a five pronged approach; expanding on the recyclable materials that it will collect to include compost goods.  This is all thanks to a partnership with a new startup company that specializes in composting called “Decaying Corp.”

“I only ask people to NOT put meat in with the compost” explains Decaying Corp founder Kim Petersen, “otherwise you get bloodthirsty, killer plants and it’s a whole ‘thing’ to get rid of.  Just… plant based waste only, please.”

“To mark this significant change, we will be re-branding,” explains Beelz. “We are getting rid of the Blue Bin program, and introducing the Composting Overhaul Venture Introduced to the North – or The COVEN Program for short. You can still use your typical Blue Bins for recycling items like paper and glass, but these will eventually be phased out for COVEN Black Bins.  The new bins include a lid in order to keep wildlife away from the composting that is being put out for street side pickup.”

“We are introducing our new COVEN mascot; Gemory the Recycling Goat!  To signify the five prongs of our new plans we redesigned the Recycling Logo and Gemory the Recycling Goat in the middle!  Printed with a very nice, Sinful Red. Did I say sinful-?” Beelz nervously questions “I meant… Simple.” 

You can buy the new Black Bins for the COVEN program for $6.66 each.  Also, keep an eye out for Gemory the Recycling Goat, who will be going around to local schools.  Gemory the Recycling Goat is seeking to encourage participation in the COVEN from an early age.

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