Sushi cat robot breaks loose, goes on stabbing spree

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY – Terror has a new name in North Bay, and that name is Bella.

Bellabot, a high-tech motorized robot made to deliver tasty food to paying customers is now delivering unwelcome stabs to random citizens.

“What we’ve got here is a robot gone wrong,” explains Police Sergeant Jeanette Lawrence, “and a whole, whole bunch of stabbing victims.”

Reports indicate that the white cat robot has somehow taped several knives to itself and is “hunting people down for sport.”

“In some cases Bella has taken trophies,” discloses Lawrence. “She is proudly displaying them on her food trays, though a few have fallen off.”

“So if you happen to see a human liver, please don’t touch it. That’s evidence.”

Cat Power

North Bay Police are searching hard for Bella, but the feline automaton has thus far eluded capture.

“The straight fact is we don’t know what kind of trap to set for a robot,” admits Lawrence. “And to be honest we’re a little scared.”

“We can’t figure out how it’s climbing stairs, or how it’s maintaining power.”


Sergeant Lawrence shudders.

“The livers.”

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