Student glad Microsoft Word® textbooks gave him skills to sell his Microsoft Word® textbooks

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY – College is getting more expensive and added to the cost is the outrageous price of textbooks.

Marco Ross is an Office Administration student at CTS Canadian Career College, and he’s trying to find an upside to the situation.

“We just finished a 3 week course about Microsoft® Word which required a pair of textbooks,” explains Ross. “They cost almost as much as the course, but fortunately the Word® textbook gave me the proper Word® skills I need to make an attractive Word® flyer to catch attention and sell my Word® books.”

Ross hopes that he’ll be able to recoup most of his money, but deep down inside knows he won’t.

Analyzing Success

While this may have lined up perfectly for Marco, other students aren’t as fortunate.

“I tried using the skills that I learned from my textbook to sell it,” says local medical graduate Klara Williams, “but something about a colonoscopy turns people off from buying a medical textbook.”

Where to Buy

If you are looking for a copy of two Microsoft® Word textbooks, Ross says they’re still for sale and to “look for the snazziest textbook flyer north of Toronto” for details.

“It’s kind of like a tide goes in, tide goes out type of situation,” Ross explains. “It’s like you can’t have the book without the flyers… but you can’t have the flyers without the book… It’s very Zen.”

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