Splash Pad to Become Winter Bathhouse

From: Darren D. MacDonald, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY – Those looking to have more time with North Bay’s recently completed Splash Pad might just be in luck.

City Council recently approved a contract which will allow a private company to turn the Splash Pad into a Bathhouse from November through to April.

“From what I understand, the company will be erecting a very large tent over the pad,” says Councillor Vic Tikus. “Then, City Works will begin rerouting hot water through the pad so that the structure is filled with steam.”

While some Councillors were opposed to the idea, Tikus says he was “on board from the beginning.”

“The pad opened very late in the year,” says Tikus, “and I’d very much like to see the community get in to use the pad more before someone comes along and does drugs all over it.”

Japanese Bathhouses

Bathhouses are “all the rage in Japan,” posits Tikus. “Thousands of people visit Japan every year just to have the opportunity to clean themselves in front of strangers.”

Local contract recipient and operator Trent Brenthal agrees.

“I’ve been to many bathhouses in Japan and they are always amazing,” says Trent Brenthal of Trent Brenthals Tent Rentals. “I’ve already talked with Mr. Tikus and City Council about my rentals and I am working on getting a canvas big enough to cover the splash pad.”

“I believe I’ve found a tent that will just cover the structure, and the heat from the hot water should keep it warm, as long as Council keeps the hot water coming free of charge 24 hours a day, seven days a week until May 1st.”

“No Free Rides”

While this could be seen as a way to provide a service to those in low income situations or the homeless, Tikus says that there will be “no free rides.”

“We don’t believe in handouts. If we provide a service we require payment. It may be monetary, or we offer other ways to pay: things like cleaning the park, donating blood, or doing the City’s taxes.”

The cost to visit the North Bay Splash Pad Bathhouse is $10 per visit. The bathhouse will allow visitors to have a shower with complimentary shampoo and enjoy “spa quality” mud which will pour out of the Splash Pad’s giant bucket every 20 minutes.

“And remember,” says Tikus. “It is B.Y.O.S. – Bring Your Own Scrubbies.”

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