Local ski hill ups the ante with addition of “Battle Gauntlet” run

From: Chet Fringle and Philip St. George, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — Experienced skiers and snowboarders are in for a special treat.

Starting next week, local ski hill Laurentoine Mountain will offer veteran members access to their new “Battle Gauntlet.”

“I’m delighted to announce the opening of a brand new trail” says Laurentoine owner Faith Everly. “This new hill will test even the most seasoned hill goer’s prowess.”

Graded to a steep incline and marked with several unmarked pits, The Battle Gauntlet is sure to “thrill and spill” many a long time skier.

The 1.2 km trail will also feature more than a dozen fully armoured and “highly skilled” combatants who will chase skiers and snowboarders down the hill.

“We thought our visitors would enjoy the thrill of impending doom with a fast-paced run through a gang of vicious attackers wielding spiked maces, flails and wooden clubs,” says Everly. “It’s exhilarating and we’re creating jobs!”

Benefits All Members

Planning the new trail initially proved difficult as space on the hill was limited.

“Unfortunately the only ideal run to use for this intersects with our Bunny Hill, but we feel that our beginning skiers will benefit from learning to dodge the bloody gauntlet runners and their attackers.”

Everly has some advice for those looking to tackle the Gauntlet for the first time.

“I highly recommend participants freshly wax their skis and snowboards before going down the hill,” smiles Everly. “Skiers might want to try and stay in the tuck position so that they’ll have enough speed to avoid the flamethrowers.”

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