Scientist Discovers Multiverse North Bay

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

An intrepid local scientist has discovered a parallel dimension in which exists another North Bay.

“I was experimenting with a quantum mechanic portal I built last weekend” says Headley Constant, “and it opened up a gate to another world. It was all so miraculous and magical until I spotted another North Bay.”

The “other” city, which Constant calls “North Beta,” is a mirror image of the Gateway to the North.

“Nearly everything seemed the same. They had a hockey team, a Quints Museum and a Joe Sinicrope.”

Tying a cable around his waist, Constant says he ventured into North Beta and was surprised by what he saw.

“Everything there was so close to what we have here as to be indistinguishable, except for the roads.”

“My God, the roads.”

The Roads

Constant says the roads were clear to lightly snow covered, with plenty of salt and sand used to break down ice and increase traction.

“Standing on Algonquin I saw two different plows go by, both with their sanders going. I was only there for five minutes. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

What’s more, Constant claims that when he returned again in the early morning, the plows were still out.

“It’s unfathomable. The plows were out first thing in the morning. It was, like, 5 am and the trucks were getting the roads clear before everyone went to work. I was in total shock.”

Constant then says he spent three consecutive days in North Beta, learning about the city’s culture and history.

“It’s exactly the same. Everything. There’s literally no difference, expect for the road maintenance. It’s like City Council knows they live in a place where it snows.”

“My mind is blown.”

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