Local cafe to specialize in room temperature beverages

From: Darren D. MacDonald, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — In today’s business climate, you have to take every opportunity you can get to get ahead.  To most, that means small gimmicks to make you stand out.  This can range anywhere from having a resident cat in your bookstore, to serving hot beverages opposed to cold ones.  While the former would include more cuddles, this North Bay local is focusing on the latter.

Luke Scott is a local entrepreneur who has lived his life in the café industry.  He has experience helping run many cafés, and until recently was the store manager of Sticks and Scones Cafe. But he felt that as he got older, his chances of following his dreams were slipping away from him.

He decided to quit his job at Sticks and Scones and start #lukewarmcoffee – a cafe that runs exclusively through Skip The Dishes.

Opening A New Market

“I saw a chance.  I always wanted my own cafe, but never had the funds.  Then, this opportunity presented itself.  I could start Lukewarm Coffee, an online cafe that focuses exclusively on serving room temperature cafe style drinks. But since it’s an online cafe, the name is themed like a hashtag because… Social media and what not.”

The idea to start #lukewarmcoffee struck Scott after ordering from the Wylde Poutinery being delivered to him as a room temperature mess.

“My thought was that room temperature drinks are often underrated.  Serving them in a store has its downfall, you have to make the drink but wait for it to cool off or warm up to room temperature.  But with the delivery aspect it is expected to show up room temperature!”

Since launch, not everyone has been happy about the store.  Many users have been mistaking the name of the e-cafe as “Luke’s Warm Coffee,” only to order and be disappointed by the room temperature Americano.

Confusing the Consumer

“I ordered from #lukeswarmcoffee and it came to me room temperature!” one Facebook user said in a review of #lukewarmcoffee.  Luke, mistaking the criticism for praise responded “You’re welcome,” which – our sources say – came off a bit catty.

While #lukewarmcoffee is still finding its feet as a business and its customer base, Luke stays positive.

“I think big things are right around the corner.  People just think coffee is supposed to be hot.  Once we as a society get past that and recognize that a Latte served at room temperature actually has more benefits for your mouth than a piping hot latte, we can start the age of hashtag Lukewarm Coffee!”

#lukewarmcoffee is now serving on Skip the Dishes.  We here at the North Bay Bay like their Lukewarm Lemon-Ginger Tea, as well as their “Not-So-Hot” Chocolate.

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