New “Roadkill Recovery Racks” Installed on City Buses

From: Nora D. Shadsworth, contributor

NORTH BAY — All North Bay Transit buses will soon be equipped with “furred cadaver racks” that can hold up to 150 kgs of urban roadkill.

Funded through the Public Transit stream of the Combining Costs Canada Infrastructure Program (CCIP), wilderness cadaver racks on buses will make it easy for drivers and onboard “critter spotters” to pick up and move wildlife road fatalities to central disposal sites.

“We all hate to see squirrels and other animals left to rot on the roads of our fair city,” says City Councillor Chris Mayne, Chairman of Council’s Infrastructure and Operations Committee.

“These new racks will enhance the city’s public transit service by allowing buses to pick up roadside carrion for future use.”

Future Expansion

Wilderness cadaver rack installations are now underway and are expected to be completed by the end of April.

Partially funded through CCIP, additional wilderness cadaver program costs will be complemented by a partnership with the Fur Harvesters Auction, Inc (FHA) located on Bond Street. 

“In the future, we hope to expand into feathers and shadflies, as well,” reports Mayne.

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