Review: The newest New Ontario beer tastes a little funny

From: staff

NORTH BAY — The New Ontario Brewing Company is known for their flagship ale Bear Runner, but has never been shy about experimenting with new beer – which brings us to their newest brew: PureNorth.

It’s unclear what kind of beer PureNorth is, which adds to the mystery surrounding NOB’s most recent creation. The beer comes in abnormally small bottles (250 ml) and costs more than a full pint ($7.99), but it packs a wallop. Each tiny bottle is nearly 75% alcohol!

When poured, PureNorth creates no head at all, appears to have no carbonation, and shows no amber or golden colourings.

The immediate flavour is strong: the beer hits you hard and fast, and follows up with a vigorous, burning aftertaste. We did detect soft hints of bourbon, ethanol, and oak upfront, which were immediately followed by notes of leather, dark fruits, burnt caramel, vanilla, toffee, and a searing sensation which resulted in a temporary loss of consciousness.

One reviewer said it tastes “like vodka, but stronger” from their vantage point on the floor.

The mouthfeel is medium-bodied, and the throat feel is downright blistering.

It is difficult to gauge the beer’s IBU, and early attempts to do so resulted in unwanted spasms.

PureNorth with optional spray nozzle (use unknown)

Final Rating

Overall, PureNorth may end up being a dark horse among beers, but we feel that New Ontario has created a one-of-a-kind brew which is sure to stand out.

Best served chilled to 6 degrees Celsius. Pairs well with rice, chicken, and a warm meal.

Final rating: 8/10 – a truly novel beer which won’t be forgotten except by those who drink it.

Disclaimer: PURENORTH is an alcohol based hand sanitizer, not a beer. Please don’t actually drink it. Also, call your grandparents – they’d love to hear from you.

Stay frosty,
The North Bay Bay Staff

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