Report: The Fight Against Freedom Keeps on Truckin’

From: Josie Beamish, staff

NORTH BAY — They’re truckers, they’re unvaccinated and they came through North Bay briefly to do what exactly?

Not content with the local comedy shows they were running on weekends; this group of entertainers has taken their sideshow on the road to Ottawa to meet their destiny or something.

Originally planned as a protest against vaccine mandates for border crossing, it’s uncertain what exactly the Trucker’s Protest end goal is now that the Biden administration has also enacted their own border vaccine mandate. Without a goal, without a clue, the truckers press further into the nation’s capital, likely to threaten others with trespassing charges on property they don’t own while claiming immunity to law.

While supply chain issues continue to delay industries abroad, these freedom fighters are here to fight your freedom to not be sick in part by becoming one of the largest potential vectors of sickness moving across Canada.

Unmasked and frequently breathing heavily through their mouths, the truckers demand respect by using the tried and true method of baseless accusations and insults from the ’50s that we’ve come to expect with altruistic deeds. 

It’s just what your racist uncle dreamed of: a convoy of good ol’ boys in the capital to confront a leader, who isn’t even present, and so they can rally against the common good. 

What will they do next? No one knows, not even the truckers themselves. All they know is that they must keep on truckin’, because if they don’t, then who else will directly contribute to supply chain issues and mildly inconvenience everyone in their path? 

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