Waterfront rally against seatbelt laws draws big crowd

From: Josie Beamish, thenorthbaybay.ca intern

NORTH BAY — Emboldened by recent displays from other freedom fighters in the area, another rally was held at the lakefront over the weekend – this time against seatbelt laws.

“You’ve got the law telling me that I HAVE to wear a seatbelt because it could save my life,” argues protestor Michelle Granger. “But I know plenty of people who don’t wear their seatbelts and they’re still alive. How do you explain that?” 

Other attendees brought hard data to the protest.

Hailing from Sudbury, Tanya Mahanahan, ND, attended the rally with numbers to back her up.

“I’ve seen the stats and there’s so few accidents per 100,000 people that I don’t see why it’s the law that we strap ourselves in,” explains Mahanahan.

“As a naturopath, I see the damage done by seatbelts every day. Not physical damage, mind you, but mental. These people, they’re oppressed every day by the belt. Each time they get into the car they’re forced to strap themselves in – and for what? Because they MIGHT get into an accident?”

Right To Be Ejected

Fellow protestor Bob Sanders has his own take on seatbelts.

“I see a lot of stories of people being STUCK in their cars after accidents,” says Sanders, “and I think it just makes more sense for people to be ejected out of their cars.”

Sanders grows serious.

“If I want my kids to ricochet around the cabin after I hit an F-150 going 100 in a 40 zone, then that’s my God-given right.”

Citations Given

No masks or social distancing was observed during the protests, however North Bay Police did report a record number of citations for seatbelt violations throughout the day as protestors arrived and departed in their vehicles.

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