Police uncover illegal raccoon fighting ring

From: Philip St. George, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — The North Bay Police, in cooperation with Ministry of Natural Resources, have busted an illegal raccoon fighting ring in North Bay.

“Yes, I can confirm that the NBPS have disrupted an extensive raccoon fighting league,” announced North Bay Police Sergeant Jeanette Lawrence Monday morning. “I would like to thank the MNR for their help, along with those who came forward to share information with us.”

The raccoon fighting ring, which called itself “Coon Clashes,” hosted anywhere from 3 to 10 raccoon fights a week, says Lawrence.

“They did everything from one-on-one fights to ‘battle royals’ where 8 or more raccoons would duke it out for the title of ‘Raccoon King.'”

“The ‘Raccoon King’ would be given extra peanut butter balls.”

Informant to Thank

Of particular help was former “Coon Clashes” member Landon Green.

“At some point I realized I just couldn’t do it anymore,” says Green. “Watching so many raccoons pummel each other took a toll on me. I had to get out.”

Green’s information was the catalyst for bringing the ring down.

“They give some of them knives,” says Green. “I saw one raccoon that went thirteen rounds with a pair of brass knuckles.”

An “Incredibly Developed” League

Sergeant Lawrence says she has never seen an illegal fight league as “incredibly developed as this one.”

“They had names for all the raccoons. The reigning champ was ‘Whacker Racc,’ but there was The Rac-goon, Raccoon Diaz, Conquercoon, George Cooney, Jack Racc and one just called ‘Bob.”

“Apparently Bob was too dangerous to put in the ring.”

Each raccoon had its own entrance music, mini-pyrotechnic show, and trainer.

Adopt a Raccoon

Since its shut down, 40 raccoons in 6 different weight classes have been sent to The North Bay Humane Society and to Sudbury. All the raccoons will soon be up for adoption.

Those looking to help give a raccoon a home are encouraged to contact The North Bay Humane Society, though Lawrence warns that raccoons can often prove difficult pets.

“Especially these ones. I mean, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether you want an animal that has a ‘Killer Racc’ tattoo on its chest.”

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