Pro Cathedral To Offer 160 Foot Bungee Jumping Experience

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY – Jumping Jehoshaphat! North Bay bungee enthusiasts can now enjoy a 160-foot dive plunge in the heart of the city.

Located in downtown North Bay, The Pro Cathedral will soon offer bungee jumping from the top of the church.

“We are happy to invite everyone to come (safely) leap from the steeple,” says Church representative Lloyd Chambers. “People of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome to bungee. Here at The Pro Cathedral of the Assumption, the only ‘Assumption’ is that you’ll have fun!”

The new elastic thrill is part of the Cathedral’s fundraiser to repair the walkways surround the church.

“Repeat jumpers will have the extra thrill of seeing their donations in action as they hurtle down towards the very walkway they’re helping repair.”

Bungee Baptism

Chambers says bungee jumping off the 16 storey Cathedral is not only fun but can also introduce newcomers to the church.

“Those daredevils new to the faith may be interested in our combined bungee jump/baptism package,” says Chambers.

“Father Larry will be at the bottom with the Holy Communion and a towel for when you stop bouncing.”

The “Bungee Baptism” is available for anyone who would like to become Roman Catholic.

“We only ask that children under 8 be accompanied by and adult.”

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