Car Enthusiasts Judge Pride Drag Show

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY — It’s been six months since Hudson Towner has been to a drag show.

Well, a drag show like this, anyway.

“I’ve been to half a dozen drag shows this year,” says Towner. “I’ve been to the Stratford Spectacular, The Nitro Nationals, the NHRA National Open and the Canadian Nitro Nationals, but this is the drag show I’ve been looking forward to the most.”

Towner was one of 300+ in attendance at the North Bay Pride Drag Show on Wednesday evening at The Grande. Towner, along with several friends, fellow car lovers, and drag car drivers “judged” the event from their front row seats.

“We got here extra early to get a better view,” says driver Adam Cartel. “Last time we were here we were at the back, and I really wanted to see Bailey Legal do a full front split up close and personal.”

“I was not disappointed.”

The Lineup

Kris Kasanova took the stage first, followed by Six, Salem Colter, Miss Ari, Sugar T!ts, Axel Jones, and Her Royal Highness.

“My God, that Axel Jones,” raves Cartel. “She came pre-oiled and ready to go!”

The second half saw MacKenzie Drive perform an original song. Following Drive were Liberty Miller, Lady Wood, Aiden, Rae Rae Gingers, and Xena, who entered to deafening applause.

“XEEEENNNNAAAAAA!” screams Towner. “Watching Xena is like watching a turbocharger in high heels!”

Phoenix and Charlie Rise-er helped close the show.

Praise for All

Cartel was most impressed with Rae Rae Gingers, whose routine, set to her own Super Party Mix, was a hit.

“She just never stopped going. The the fuel economy on that queen is incredible.”

Fellow drag car enthusiast Amelia Benton felt Drag King Liberty Miller really shone.

“He’s got a gorgeous profile,” smiles Benton. “Watching those dives, squats and struts is unbelievable.”

Benton says she’d like to someday perform as a Drag King.

“I’ve got everything I need,” says Benton. “Except a name. Top candidates are Liam Nissan, Donald Trunk, Steven Wheelberg, and because I’m a big Trek fan, Bones McCar.”

“I’m so glad we stumbled on the show in January,” laughs Towner. “And I’m happy we were able to steer our way back here again. That first queen routine shifted right into overdrive and blew my suspension– I never really got my bearings back after that.”

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