Powassan to start charging Chisholm residents $5.00 to enter town

From: Jennifer Hanson, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

POWASSAN — Citing Chisholm’s recent decision to pull out of the partnership agreement for the Powassan and District Union Public Library and the township’s “spotty” track record, the Municipality of Powassan will begin charging Chisholm residents $5.00 per entry into the town.

“I wish there was another way,” says Powassan Councillor Maverick Ward. “But Chisholm has been a bad neighbour. They’re bailing on the Library, they’ve already bailed on the Sportsplex, and they almost never contribute to parades, festivals, or fairs.”

“But I can guarantee there’s Chisholm folks curling, skating, eating Beaver Tails and looking at our prize fair chickens every year.”

“And they’re not paying a dime to do it. Well, that ends now.”


The new $5.00 tollgates will be located on Memorial Park Dr. and Chiswick Line, where the manned blockades will stop travellers to check their home addresses.

Those living in Chisholm will be charged a $5.00 fee to enter Powassan.

“I realize people can still come in via the Highway,” says Ward. “But if they want to circle all the way through Astroville to get in, they’re welcome to: 9 out of 10 folks in Chisholm are driving oversized pickups, so it’ll cost them more than five bucks in gas anyway.”

Chisholm’s Response

While no official response has come out of Chisholm, Councillor Ward says he received an “unofficial call” from “one Mr. L.J.” that expressed Chisholm’s concerns.

“I can’t pretend to understand much of what was said, but I did understand all the parts about my mother,” says Ward.

Still, Powassan will go ahead with the new toll.

“If Chisholm were a person,” explains Ward, “they’d be the schoolyard pal who crashed ‘for a week’ on your couch six months ago. They spend their days watching your TV, clogging your drains, and eating your food. Then, when you ask for helping buying pizza, they freak out and call you a bad friend.”

“And then they insult your mother.”

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