Letter to the Editor: Halloween Poppy Outrage!

From: thenorthbaybay.ca staff

Editor’s Note: The following letter was sent in on Saturday, October 27th

My name is Greg Waltz.

I love Halloween. I love the scary movies on TV, I love seeing all the costumes at Walmart, and I love seeing people decorate their houses with gruesome scenes of horror. I’m a retired gore, practical effect, and makeup artist for the film industry and I moved to North Bay 5 years ago.

This last Saturday, I was in Walmart buying my replacement Halloween candy, checking out all the giant inflatable ghosts and spiders and just generally having a great (spooky) time.

That is, until I saw someone wearing a poppy.

My heart stopped and I froze. I dropped everything and ran to the mall where what did I find but the Legion, complete in uniform, selling poppies.

How disrespectful! These vultures couldn’t wait until Halloween was over with and enjoyed before they started pushing their own day!

They parade around town shunning anyone who dares buy anything Christmas before November 11th because it’s “disrespectful to the troops” while they, the hypocrites, start rolling out their death flowers well before Halloween!

So I, Greg Waltz, will not be getting a poppy! I encourage other people to follow suit. Instead, I propose that all of horror lovers wear a candy necklace to stand in solidarity with those who have had their Halloween ruined by these charlatans!

Otherwise, Halloween is over! Halloween is lost! Don’t bother Trick or treating! No more horror films on TV. No more John Cena costumes. No more making graphic depictions of murder, sodomy and the occult in the front yard with my 4 year old kid. No more bonding! No more kid! I might as well give him up for adoption.

I hope you’re happy, Legion.


Greg Waltz

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