“Peppergate” providing a happy distraction for every angry Karen in North Bay

From: Jennifer Hanson, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY —  A recent Facebook post about price matching peppers at No Frills has provided some much needed relief for hundreds of North Bay soccer moms who have nowhere to direct their frustration.

The public post, from March 24th, can be read here.

WARNING: the post contains a surprising amount of Machiavellian level villainy in the form of “giggling,” “smirking,” and the refusal to price match a bag of Mexican peppers.

The local Karen population is simultaneously livid and euphoric.

“Finally, something to be upset about!” writes “full-time momma bear” Sandra H. “Ever since the Swiss Chalet closed due to the pandemic I’ve had no one to yell at.”

“Well, I think it’s atrocious,” says fellow Karen and self-professed #bossbabe Stacy G. “They should be ashamed of themselves. That’s why I shared it with all my friends with the heading ‘xX DISGUSTING! Xx.’”

“I also tagged the local Winners because I haven’t been able to yell at the manager there in two weeks and I don’t want her to get comfortable.”

No Reply at All

The cashier who served the pepper matcher posted her side of the story, but it appears to have been lost in the sea of fuming Karens.

“I think they’re just happy to have a distraction from the fact that selling Scentsy isn’t considered an ‘essential service,’” says supporter Hillary O.

“On one hand, I understand how someone could feel that price matching might save them some money in a tough time, but on the other hand you’re doing it at the expense of other people’s patience and time, in a grocery store full of stressed out, over-worked employees who are genuinely frightened of catching a disease which could, at best, seriously hurt them or, at worst, kill their elderly loved ones.”

“I don’t care if you’re a civil servant, nurse, officer, doctor, or firefighter – creating a public post with the aim of ripping down a business providing an essential service during a literal worldwide pandemic over a single bag of produce, and then asking people to share it, is damn near psychopathic.”

“So, I don’t know – maybe just accept that you’ll have to pay full price for a $4.00 bag of peppers, thank the cashier, and then get back in your Volvo and go home.”

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