Pedestrian stills feels guilty about cutting through ONTC building

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY – Pedestrian Hailey Anson approaches the ONTC Terminal with trepidation.

“I went to Home Hardware and now I need to go home to Second Ave.,” explains Anson. “The fastest way is down Fisher, but that means I’ll have to cut through the Ontario Northland building.”


Anson says she has already passed through the building six times this week, making trips on foot from her home to New Ontario Brewery, Popeye’s, and Dr. Pizza.

“It’s so fast but I feel so bad. That’s not what the building is for, but I don’t want to walk down Franklin or risk the highway.”

Anson sighs and approaches the Ontario Northland station.

“I hope there’s no one at the ticket booth. It’s 100 times worse when there’s someone at the ticket booth.”

Anson shoulders her bags and quickly walks through the building, down the stairs, through the famous corrugated metal tunnel and out to Northgate.

“Done for another day,” offers Anson, smiling weakly. She begins to walk around the mall before stopping with a jolt.

“I forgot to pick up new cat food at Lisa’s Doghouse.”

Anson turns back toward the station.

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