City’s Value Village forced to cancel gigantic parking lot pool

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY — As Ontario takes measures to make sure the spread of the Coronavirus is slowed, many establishments have had to put their regular operations on hiatus.

Sadly, this includes the famous Value Village Parking Lot Pool.

“We are going to have to cancel the opening,” says Jen Marcotte, Value Village Marketing Adviser. “It looks like the parking lot will end up hosting a dozen large puddles instead of one gigantic pool big enough to swallow a mid-sized sedan and all its passengers.”

Parking Lot Pool Past

Every year the poor design, location, and maintenance of the Value Village parking lot has led to it being littered with huge puddles. At first it was a problem for the location, but Value Village quickly found a way to turn a negative into a positive.

“We flood the area at night so that all of the large puddles become on gigantic puddle,” explains Marcotte. “Then, instead of being a public hazard it becomes a public attraction!”

The ploy works.

“Every year we drive up to North Bay to see the Value Village Parking Lot Pool,” says Barrie resident Kim Legoshi.

“We usually go in late April. Since the Pool is inside the pavement, it can get reasonably warm, so we let the kids swim around for a bit.”

Parking Lot Pool Precautions

For now, Value Village will cease all operations with the parking lot pool.

“Instead of coming for the Parking Lot Pool, we’re asking everyone to wash their hands, avoid touching their face, and practice social distancing,” says Marcotte.

“Also, please stay out of the dozen or so large puddles in the parking lot. Don’t splash in them, don’t walk through them, and don’t try to swim in them, no matter how tempting that might be.”

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