One Kids Place finally commits to helping a second kid

From: Philip St. George, staff

It’s been 16 years, but One Kids Place is finally looking to help somebody new.

“Tristan, our first ‘Kid’ is 21 years old and living on his own,” says CEO Milena Torres. “So we think it’s time that One Kids Place starts searching for someone new to assist.”

The charitable, non-profit organization is a beloved and valuable addition to North Bay and the surrounding community, though helping one child at a time does seem problematic.

“Listen, back in 2004 we weren’t thinking too far ahead,” explains Torres. “Naming it ‘One Kids Place’ may appear short-sighted now, but at the time helping a single child looked like an achievable goal.”

“One which we absolutely nailed.”

The Search Begins

Torres and One Kids Place will begin its hunt for a new child to support next Monday by “fanning out, walking around town, and yelling to see if anyone has a kid that needs help.”

“It worked for Tristan, so we’re confident it’s still the best approach.”

As for One Kids Place’s first and only kid, what’s he up to now?

“I honestly have no idea,” sighs Torres. “Tristan was in about 6 months ago to bum some money for cigarettes and I haven’t seen him since.”

“We’ve got 80 employees here though, so I’m sure somebody’s heard something.”

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