We sat down with NorthBASS to talk about EDM but instead talked about fishing

From: thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — Sean Mittelhölzer is one of the people organising and running NorthBASS – a live dance party taking place on November 6th at The Fraser. Featuring 7 DJs playing all different genres of EDM, NorthBASS is finally making its return to North Bay.

We sat down with Sean under the pretense of talking about his NorthBASS event and EDM, but what we really wanted was to uncover the secret second life on NorthBASS. And fishing tips.

The Interview

NBB: Hi Sean, thanks for joining us.

S: Thanks for having me! Great to be here.

NBB: Question 1 – Ok, so when you go fishing, what sort of lure do you use? We’re big on curl tail grubs, but we can see the argument for spinnerbaits.

S: Bait? I use a flash light and a spear when I go out.

NBB: A flash light? My God. I can’t believe we never thought of that. That’s how we lost Rusty Scoops back in 2019.

We did find him later, but he’s never been the same since.

Next question:  Why limit yourself to bass fishing in just North Bay? Have you ever considered expanding? Maybe renaming yourself NorthBassAndTheFishableSurroundingAreas?

S: North Bay is as far I’ll go for fishing. I got kicked out of Bass Pro Shops in Toronto for speeding my boat through the front doors while aggressively screaming “Where’s the BASS?!”

NBB: Can you tell us about NorthBASS?

S: NorthBASS is advertised as a huge rave with 7 DJs playing different genres of EDM, but what people don’t know is that it’s actually an underground black market fishing convention. Everything from illegal synthetic bait, realistic fish decoys to impress your tinder matches and stolen fishing rods. You can even pay an uncertified helicopter pilot to fly over any lake you want and shoot the fish out the water with a mini gun Rambo style!

NBB: That all made perfect sense. Just to be clear though, does “EDM” stand for Exquisite, Delicious Mackerel?

S: You’re down with the lingo! It could also mean Eating Dancing Muscles. Both are acceptable in the scene

NBB: Where can people go to see the next NorthBASS show?

S: NorthBASS will be held at “The Fraser” but actually if you take a left, a left, and then another left, look down, you’ll find a sewer grate. Climb down, pay Pennywise $5 and you’re all set!

NBB: Some things never change. That’s how we saw Foreigner back in ’93.

What should people expect at a NorthBass show?

S: Expect all your fishing fantasies to be mildly fulfilled while being deafened by bass boosted, slowed and reverbed lofi ocean noises!

NBB: Excellent. Can you tell us about the DJs that are coming?

S:  So many talented DJs on this lineup I couldn’t be more excited!

We have Neon Nemo, SoEel, HöldMyBait, Spicy Crab Roll, Nautical Exit, Ryoting Rainbow Fish and Naviper Fish.

NBB: I bet they’ve got some mean hooks! Do they take requests?

S:  No.

NBB: One last questions – If you could be a fish – what kind of fish would you be and why?

S:  I’d be the fish from Spongebob that screams “MY LEG!!” all the time

NBB: Classic. We really like the gigantic fish from Super Mario 3, Stage 3, Level 3 that swallow you whole.

Thanks for the interview, Sean. Best of luck to you and we hope NorthBASS is a whale of a success!

S: Haha thanks a ton! This was awesome.

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