North Bay Rogers to cut costs by airing free tier Spotify

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY – Despite announcing mass layoffs which have effectively eliminated its local newsroom, Rogers Sports and Media is showing no signs of slowing down.

“In mid-December all of Rogers’ North Bay radio channels will begin broadcasting free tier Spotify playlists,” says head of radio programming Ashley Smith.

“While we understand that North Bay wants local news and experienced musical curation, Rogers Sports and Media is only worth $21 billion at the moment so we simply can’t afford such luxuries.”

“Instead, we hope you’ll enjoy all the hits free Spotify can offer and the ‘wacky’ antics of your new host, Mike Calaway.”

Mike Calaway

Calaway is a new hire for Rogers, but comes with “buckets” of experience.

“I have 20 years of practice being on the radio with my own station,” beams Calaway. “I mean, it wasn’t a legal station, and you couldn’t hear it outside of my property…  But experience is experience, and clearly Roger’s saw that.”

“Also, I was willing to undercut anyone with an actual radio broadcast degree and work for $20 a day.”

1 Man, 3 Stations

“I’ll be doing it all – three microphones, three phones, three different Spotify profiles for three different radio stations,” explains Calaway. “It’ll be as simple as hit shuffle and let’er rip – which is the only option really because free tier Spotify doesn’t allow for anything other than shuffle.”

So keep an ear out for Mike as he spends 24/7 juggling Country 600, Kiss 100.5 FM and 101.9 Rock.

“And for those worried that there won’t be local content – don’t be!” smiles Calaway. “Because instead of North Bay news and events being reported by the well-respected Bob Coles, you’ll be able to listen to my shrill, always-out-of-breath voice as I read all the most toxic comments from local Baytoday articles!”

“But first, here’s our newest playlist – ‘Baby Shark: 80 Techno Remixes.’”

“See you in 3 hours!”

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