North Bay celebrates Halloween by committing to be a ghost town

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY – The City of North Bay is fully embracing the Halloween spirit attempting to become a literal ghost town.

With a lack of well-paying jobs and the skyrocketing price of rent, North Bay has steadily become a desolate landscape marked only by fluttering cigarette wrappers and the occasional wayward Councillor.

Misguided tourist Abigail White says she’s amazed by the city’s commitment to become an impoverished ruin.

“It’s incredible – I’ve never felt so crestfallen in my entire life,” says White. “My need to leave is immense and my depression ever-growing.”

Ghost Town Aesthetic

Abigail says she’s never seen a city with “so many old people.”

“It’s like the whole town’s retired and is actively trying to drive anyone under 30 out.”

Still, it’s the little details that make the “Ghost Town” aesthetic stick.

“They absolutely nailed the whole ‘post-apocalyptic wasteland’ thing on Main St.,” says White. “All the ghouls wandering around the downtown? Perfection!”

White gets back into her car.

“Solid 8/10. I bet in twenty years this place will totally empty. Not a soul in sight. Except for City Council of course.”

“You’ll never get rid of them.”

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