North Bay to get first Drive Thru Divorces

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY — We are living in the future.  With the creation of Skip the Dishes, you can have food delivered to your house.  With the creation of Amazon, you can have toilet paper delivered to your front door within record time.  And with the legalization of cannabis, you can even have drugs delivered to your hand… eventually.

Nothing is safe from the McDonaldization of society, seeing weddings follow the same path, with Drive-Thru Weddings sprouting up in North Bay.  With this business sector’s success, one lawyer sees money being left on the table.

Getting the Idea

Jeramy Gomm and Jeffrey Gomm (not related) are putting their legal expertise to the exposal of the public with North Bay’s first Drive-Thru divorce location.  This will be an extension of their “Gomm & Gomm (Not Related) Law Services” business, which specializes in divorces.

“We see divorces all the time.  They take so long to get through.  A couple can end up spending more time on getting divorced than they can get married!” says Gomm, “My friend the other day told Mr. Gomm and I about how they had a Drive-Thru Wedding at Heart To Heart Celebrations.  If the wedding can be that easy, why can’t the divorce?”

Tying the Knot

Back in 2017 Heart to Heart Celebrations was given the green light to perform Drive-Thru weddings as an option for their services.  Since then, many couples have decided to have it their way and tie the knot from the comfort of their 2003 Ford Focus.

“It’s a very positive experience,” says Heart to Heart Celebrations employee Owen Hart (no, not that one), “It feels that most people think it’s some sleazy, Las Vegas vibe.  But it’s not, depending on the vehicle.  It’s beautiful (again, depending on the vehicle).  So many people come through here, seeing this as the best day of their life.  The only challenging thing is making the wedding photos not look like a speeding ticket photo.  There’s an art to that”

Untying the Knot

We sat down with Gomm and Gomm (not related) to discuss their business.

“It’s simple.  If you feel like you want a divorce, then you get in your car, drive up to our Drive-Thru window and we will have all the papers ready to go.” says Gomm

“Of course it’s a very basic divorce.  50/50 type of things.  If your divorce requires special treatment we’ll ask you drive over to our second window to further discuss the options.” added Gomm.

“The service [Heart to Heart Celebrations] offers is a beautiful thing.  It’s two humans getting married and vowing to spend their lives together-” explains Gomm before being cut off by Gomm.

“But when it doesn’t work, we will be there for them with our 24/7 window.  If you want to drive up and say “Let’s Split”, then this type of divorce is it!”

Gomm and Gomm (Not Related) Drive-Thru Divorces will be opening in time for Valentine’s Day.  Show them a photo of your Drive-Thru wedding to waive their processing fee.

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