North Bay comments section still #1 way to crush faith in humanity

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY — As the world watches the protests in the US and around the world, locals can be comforted knowing that the comments section of any article posted in North Bay is still chock full of racism, homophobia, calls for violence, and xenophobia.

“I spent all of Monday really pent up and agitated,” explains lifelong North Bay resident Bryan Chalmers.

“But then I finally got online and posted ‘THE MOST RACIST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD ARE BLACK PEOPLE AND INDIANS’ on a Baytoday article and now I feel better.”

Chalmers comments can be found on articles from Baytoday, The Nugget, North Bay Now, and “anywhere I can post them.”

“I just feel like everyone should know that TRUDEAU HATES WHITES.”

“Strangely Comforting”

Fellow resident Lynn Murray agrees.

“All those people should be shot dead,” Murray says of protesters. “While the police are at it, maybe they can beat up some queers for choosing to be gay.”

Bob Sanders, who has been struggling since COVID-19 began, finds the comments “strangely comforting.”

“I recognize that they’re awful remarks made by actual people who live in my community,” says Sanders, “but there’s something reassuring in knowing that North Bay is pretty much still the same prejudiced, intolerant, and wholly biased place it was 50 years ago.”

“Also, while I have you here, I want you to know that Planned Parenthood is murder, gays are abominations, homosexuality leads to pedophilia, and protesters deserve to be shit kicked in jail.”

Sanders smiles.

“Good old North Bay.”

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