North Bay celebrates its 100th “Buy and Sell Group”

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY – When Jasmine Barnet created the “New Buy and Sell Group!!!!!” she had no idea she was making history.

“You’re telling me there’s 99 other North Bay ‘Buy and Sell’ Groups already?” asks Barnet.


Barnet’s new group is the 100th such page for the city.

“Well, irregardless (sic), this new page is the best,” says Barnet.

“I’m going to moderate it really well for, like, a solid three weeks before I start slipping and eventually it turns into a bunch of strange videos posted by people whose user names are a jumble of Arabic letters and emojis.”

Deals Galore!

“But before that happens, it’s going to be a great place for everyone,” continues Jasmine. “Especially for that one lady who keeps trying to sell empty wine bottles shaped like cats.”

Those looking to buy 1/8 of a piece of plywood (still good), old prom dresses (worn once), suspicious Nazi stuff (it’s history!), or clearly opened perfume testers (not stolen, don’t @ me) are sure to find them in Barnet’s “New Buy and Sell Group!!!!!”

“Expect deals galore!” smiles Barnet. “As well as requests to deliver to Corbeil, constant ‘Is this still available?’ messages, and offers to trade a compound bow for your PS5.”

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