“North bay & Area , Buy&Sell” changing name to “North Bay & Area Bitch & Pitch”

From: Jennifer Hanson, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY – The popular local Facebook marketplace “North bay & Area , Buy&Sell” is changing its name to better reflect its contents.

“We just felt that the name wasn’t working anymore,” says new Group Admin Susan Jackson. “Originally we were a small group selling dressers, gently used clothing, and the occasional toaster.”

“Now we’re a dumping ground for anti-vaxxers, MLM pyramid schemes, and the PPC.”

“And I’m not 100% sure those sometimes aren’t all the same thing.”


Jackson says the adjustment will also fix other problems.

“Not only does the name change more accurately describe the group, it corrects the missing capitalization, bizarre spacing, and that weird good-for-nothing comma.”

Those interested in buying and selling “will always be welcome.”

“Just be prepared for hundreds of comments telling you that you’re charging too much or posting photos of the product listed cheaper on a strange Chinese website.”

“And God help you if you’re a woman selling used clothing.”

A Used Mirror

“The worst part of it is the group is made almost entirely of people who live and work right here in North Bay,” sighs Jackson. “It’s a gently used mirror of our city and its people.”

“That guy slobbering over a 16 year old in tights or calling people a dumb cuck is someone you’re probably going to see and deal with in person at some point.”

All Regrets

 Does Jackson regret taking up the mantle of Admin?

“Absolutely,” says Jackson. “I already have a dozen offers to try a new belly fat supplement, 8 Scentsy coupons, 4 invitations to ‘Freedom Rallies,’ and what I’m hoping is a dimly lit photo of a small, well-preserved dill pickle, but suspect it isn’t.”

“I’m basically changing the name to warn people, and then I’m out.”

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