North Bay Bioengineering Winter Shadflies

From: Darren D. MacDonald, staff

NORTH BAY — Shadfly season is well past, but that won’t stop the city of North Bay from trying to bring the lovable insects back.

“Shadflies give North Bay a real sense of community,” explains Councillor Grey Terrence. “It also forces downtown business owners to clean up their storefronts and gets people talking about the city.”

“So we thought, why not find something that carries over this sentiment… but for the winter?’”

To keep the shad swarm streaming, City Council and Nipissing University have begun bioengineering the Winter Shad Fly™.

“It’ll keep people on their toes,” smiles Terrence.

Snowy Shad Flies

“I contacted the University about the Winter Shad Flies™,” says Terrence, “and they were very excited.”

“I asked if they had a Bioengineering Department and they responded with ‘We’ll figure it out.’”

“So… that’s good… right?”

The Winter Shad Flies™ are expected to share most of the same characteristics of “normal” shads, and have an expected release date of January 1st, 2022. 

“I was told that the diamond hard poisonous pincers weren’t something the Winter Shad Flies™ needed, but something that the Winter Shad Flies™ wanted.”

“So… that’s still good… right?”

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