New Soap Opera “Bays of Our Lives” Starts Filming

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY — A new daytime soap opera set in North Bay has started filming.

Produced by Northern Bond Entertainment, the drama series is entitled “Bays of Our Lives” and will consist of 88 half hour episodes created for daytime television.

Executive Producer Thelma Carter says the studio is excited to feature key characters and locations from North Bay.

“We’ve got a great story to film here,” says Carter, “and a wonderful cast as well. The studio has pledged $4.2 million for the first season of ‘Bays’ and I’m hopeful it will be an international success.”

The show follows City Council, multiple new interns, and several municipal workers as they navigate a day-to-day life in North Bay that’s filled with “suspense, betrayal, intrigue, romance, passion, twists, turns, and extended lunch breaks.”


Featured among the cast are Kevin Sorbo as Mark King, Brigitte Kingsley as Tanya Vrebosch, Dave Foley as Chris Mayne, and Jerry O’Connell as both Mayor Al McDonald and his evil twin brother Bal McDonald.

“I don’t want to spoil anything, but ‘Bays’ is going to be a little edgier than some other daytime soaps,” reveals Carter. “In the first few episodes we’re going to see Scott Robertson (Dustin Diamond) consider butt implants, Johanne Brousseau (Snooki) win the lottery and consider leaving, and several sexy interns fight mafia corruption in the city.”

Season 2

Once filming is completed, Northern Bond Entertainment will be moving onto Thunder Bay for Season 2.

“Different seasons in different towns” explains Carter. “Starts in North Bay, and then Season 2 will be in Thunder Bay, then Season 3 in Baysville, and then on from there.”

Residents will see “lights, cameras and action” throughout the city over the next few weeks, says Carter.

“And if you hear any screaming, don’t worry – that’s just Councillor Marcus Tignanelli (Gary Busey) dealing with his split personalities which he developed after being buried alive by his best friend who is also secretly his father.”

“Art imitates life, right?”

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