New push to move Pete Palangio Arena to the waterfront

From: Peter Parkside, intern

NORTH BAY — As discussions surrounding a new double ice pad continue, attention is now turning to how best to preserve some of the city’s rich sports-related history.

“I am just as excited about the new arena as anyone else who owns thousands of dollars of hockey equipment,” says local sports enthusiast Mark Hask. “But just because we will soon have a new temple to hock—er, community things, doesn’t mean that we should forget where we came from”.

Mark, like many others, is concerned about what will happen to the soon to be decommissioned Pete Palangio arena.

Most recently, the arena was used as a homeless shelter.

One city official stated that “it was the best use of space we could find for a building whose roof could collapse at any moment.”

But what to do with it now?

Wild Bill’s Wild Plan

Enter William Derby.

Known as “Wild Bill Derby” to his friends, Bill has a plan on how to decommission the arena without losing it.

“That arena is just as much a part of the history and tradition of this town as the Dionne Quints home,” drawls Derby. “Both represent what it means to live in this North Bay, both were used to charge admission for spectacle, and both should be preserved for future generations who won’t know or care what it represents.”

To that end, Bill has pitched moving the Palangio Arena directly to the waterfront.

“Think about it – we can take the whole arena and put it on some trucks, in pieces if we have to, and just drive it down to the lake!”

When questioned about space and where the arena would go, Derby exclaimed “we can make it a two-fer! The arena is big enough that we can put the Quints home inside of it to save space!”

At this time, the question has been tabled for City Council’s next meeting. Derby is hopeful that this matter will see some a quick resolution and is excited to hear if a decision has been reached no later than 2030.

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