Muskoka Delivery Service invents first ever invisible courier drone

From: Jennifer Hanson, staff

NORTH BAY – They’ve done it!

Local courier company Muskoka Delivery Service has designed and constructed the world’s first invisible delivery drone.

“It’s an astronomical feat of ingenuity and engineering,” says local scientist Headley Constant. “Not only have they perfected the four-rotor drone and built it steady enough to deliver packages, they’ve also made it totally invisible and 100% silent.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it. Literally.”

Drone Delivery

Amazing reports are already coming in about Muskoka Delivery Service’s new drone.

“I work from home on 2nd Avenue,” says resident Alice Graves. “My package from Muskoka Delivery Service was scheduled to come last Tuesday, so I watched the front door all day. I saw no one, but when I checked online that evening I found that a ‘delivery was attempted.'”

“I checked my security cams just in case but still couldn’t see anyone, so that’s how I know they’ve really got them – perfectly silent, invisible courier drones.”

“It’s a shame the drones can’t leave slips yet, but I’m sure they’re working on it.”

The Next Step

Are invisible drones just the “first step” for Muskoka Delivery Service?

“If they’ve got the technology, why not make invisible trucks?” asks Constant. “Invisible workers?”

Constant leans in and whispers.

“I’ll tell you a secret – I think they’ve already done it. Ask yourself: when was the last time you actually saw a Muskoka Delivery Service truck?”

A call to Muskoka Delivery Service was sent through automation, put on hold, and then disconnected.

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