Moe-Ze-On Inn to be remembered in new “Heritage Minute”

From: Philip St. George, staff

NATIONAL — The Moe-Ze-On Inn is going to be a part of Canadian history.

Historica Canada, the organisation behind the famous “Heritage Minutes,” will be releasing a 60 second short on the now demolished gentleman’s club.

“At Historica Canada, we believe that every part of our great nation should be reflected,” says Historica Board Chair Quincy Russell.  “While I have never been to North Bay, several of the board members have voted for this ‘Moe-Ze-On Inn’ to be included in the next series of Heritage Minutes.”


Constructed in the 1950s, the Moe-Ze-On Inn was the last iteration of the adult nightclub, which operated under names like “The Ranch”, “Ponderosa”, “Port of Spain” and “Sweetwater”.

Heritage Minutes are 60 second short films that depict “a significant person, event or story in Canadian history.”

“Well, it was very significant,” explains Historica Vice Chair Brenden Giles, “to me. I learned so, so much about myself at The Moe-Ze.”

“And those wings? Well worth sitting through a few dances.”

Rise and Fall

The Moe-Ze-On Inn was demolished in June of 2017, a day which Giles says was “very dark indeed.”

“But don’t worry – the Heritage Minute won’t focus on the bad parts of The Moe. Just the good times, like when my buddy Josh got a dance from a girl named Teela and her teeth fell out.”

“The look on his face! That will be 20 seconds of the Heritage Minute all by itself!”

The new Heritage Minute is expected to air next summer nationwide.

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