There is a man living in van inside Lake Nipissing

From: Philip St. George and Rooster Cogburn,

NORTH BAY – Sam and Mary Fishman were removing their ice from Lake Nipissing Friday morning when they made a startling discovery.

“There was a van under the ice,” says Sam. “We didn’t know how long it had been there, so we drilled holes in the ice to check it out.”

What Sam and Mary found shocked them.

“There was a man inside the van. He was watching TV, and there was a note in the window that said ‘Life Is Good.’”

Sam and Mary were unable to coax the man from his submerged van, and seeing as he appeared to be in “no immediate danger,” left the scene.

Underwater Van Man

The “Underwater Van Man” refused to give The North Bay Bay his name, but he did explain that he was living in his submerged, watertight van in an attempt to “be one with the sea.”

When told that the lake was not considered the sea, he just shrugged. The van man explained that the police are aware of his living situation and that he’s been trying to keep in on the down low so people don’t bother him about using the van as an AirB&B.

While he was tight-lipped about how he got his food, the man said he has plenty of available water, as well as electricity from an underwater water wheel.

He did ask if someone would be willing to share their NHL Live account with him so he could check up on his favourite team, the Ottawa Senators, but was told he’d be better off without it.

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