Main St. turned into 200 foot “Slip ‘N Slide”

From: Philip St. George, staff

Multiple Main St. businesses are set to re-open today, and it appears that they’ve set up a fun surprise for their customers.

Those headed downtown are encouraged to bring their swimsuits and take a trip down Main St.’s new 200 foot Slip ‘n Slide.

“THIS THING ROCKS!” yells downtown slider Ryder Miles. “I started by Cecil’s and ended up at Lou Dawg’s and I’ve never felt so alive!”

The Slip ‘n Slide is kept slick by water from several hydrants and a “healthy dose of liquid soap” says creator Shanelle Hall.

“It’s perfect – people get to slide down and visit their favourite downtown businesses, and those businesses know that the people coming in have not only washed their hands but also their entire body.”

“It’s fun, it’s refreshing, and it’s 100% sanitary!”

Slip ‘n Chide

But not everyone is excited by Main St.’s newest attraction.

“It’s really cool and all,” says downtown shopper Rose Scrivens. “But some advanced warning would have been nice. I know I’m not supposed to park downtown overnight, but now I can’t get my car out because I might run over a kid in a bathing suit.”

Expanding the Fun

Hall has big plans for the slick .

“On Monday we’re adding a splash pool, a giant gator mouth, and a second 9 foot jump for MAXIMUM FUN!”

So how long will the Slip ‘n Slide remain?

“Until everyone’s had enough fun,” smiles Hall. “I just watched Councillor Brousseau do a 12 foot triple somersault directly into Stix & Stones so I think this might be here for a good long while.”

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