Review: New Main St. swimming pool could use some work

From: Philip St. George, staff

NORTH BAY – With everything that’s going on, it’s great to see that the City of North Bay is still being innovative.

In their quest to revitalize the city’s core, North Bay has produced a masterstroke – a downtown swimming pool!

The newest municipal pool, located at 167 Main St. East, is accessible from both Main St. and Oak St., which is great for families parking nearby.

The entrance from Main St. East

Pool Features

The pool itself is square and about the size of a large building, which gave my family and I a lot of room to float, swim and frolic about.

The attendant and lifeguard, who would only identify himself as “Bob,” was incredibly friendly. He kept a very close eye on our kids, and the charge of $4.00 for a family of 5 to swim is an absolute bargain.

The newest trend of having comfortable sofas directly in the pool is one I’m unfamiliar with, but has some real value! Tired of swimming? Why not relax on a warm, wet, gently drifting sectional?

The water was mostly clear. A neat feature was all the little bolts and things that have been thrown onto the bottom of the pool for adventurous kids to swim down and pick up!

I reacted badly to the sofa and got a very persistent rash, but that doesn’t mean it’ll happen to everyone!

Minor Complaints/Final Review

My only complaints are that the water was very warm and the levels seemed a little low, but I’m positive the City is working on pumping more in. The pool can be a little difficult to access (bring some good shoes!), but makes up for that by being very easy to spot.

Final Rating: 3/5 stars. The pool could use some more work, but it’s quickly becoming a staple and a landmark in downtown North Bay.

Bring the kids!

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