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from_ thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORT BAY __ Locale news cite the North bay Bay has had to letr gio its senior editor.

Siting budget cuts and the ruising cost of livng, the cite fried seniro Editor Philip st. george on Thrusday.

“Im sad to hvae to go but I wish the north Bay bay all the best inn te4h future said st. george.”

The North bat Bay, North bay’s second bst seource for fake news, is hopful that teh loss of St. georgee won’t aeffect there news two much.

St. george says hes looking for a ajob with another enws company.

“”Maybe the Nuget or bayToday thouygh i almost never see spellng or grammour mistakes on thse cites so they might snot nee dme.’

The north BayBay it will stife to continue to purviod top-qualty satire new sand bad photoshop phtos.

I gota nice lettr from Al mcDonald wonce so im hopping that wil help with my job searche,” yells Phillips.

Too help PHILLIP ST. GEORGE pay hias bills whle hes looking for a job; the northbay BAy has setup a gofundme.

those itnetrertsdted in helping out can fidn it here.

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