Local Man Upset About Something

From: Jennifer Hanson, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — In a shocking and unheard of twist of events, a local North Bay man says he’s upset with something.

“I tried to let it go,” says Kyler Child, “but after five or ten minutes I just couldn’t anymore. I had to say something. The agony was unbearable.”

Child is referring to a local business that sends its private communications in Russian rather than English.

“I know it’s private stuff, but we’re in Ontario and everyone should use English all of the time because that’s what I use.”

The business, a meat processing plant on Main St. West, is owned and run by a small Russian family from Ussuritov who immigrated to Canada two years ago.

“Of course I speak English,” says owner Hector Genette, “but my family is still learning. So we speak Russian and write Russian while at work to keep things moving.”

“At home they are learning English to better integrate, but it will take some time, like all things. So for now, we use Russian in the shop.”

Still, Kyler Child isn’t happy with about it.

“It upsets me, and because it upsets me I have to tell everyone how much it upsets me. I’m a 42 year old white man born in Ontario and if I want to get angry about something then I’m going to.”

“Oh, and thanks for reporting about this. You’re doing some top quality journalism here.”

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