Local band to perform concept album “shutfuckwipeass”

From: Philip St. George, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

NORTH BAY — Rock is alive and well in North Bay says local punk Happy Kirkkert.

“Yeah, we had a rough time with Covid,” explains Happy. “We were still playing basements, but we didn’t have a crowd anymore. Some of that was the pandemic, but mostly it was because Billy, Carla, Max and Rudy all stopped coming and that was the whole crowd.”

But Kikkert and his bandmates have vowed to kick start the local music scene by playing their first concept album, “shutfuckwipeass,” live on Saturday night.

“It’s a deep, sensitive album,” says Kikkert. “shutfuckwipeass came from an emotional place and we’re finally ready to share it with North Bay.”

Tracks include “Rusty Stole My Bike,” “Shadflyfuckbop,” “Gateway to My Shaft,” and “Why, Moths, Why?”

The show is by donation and takes place in Josh’s basement. BYOB.

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