Letter: Local Entrepreneurs are Stealing Business from Box Stores, and it Sickens Me!

Addressed to: thenorthbaybay.ca staff

Dear North Bay,

I think it is about time local businesses get with the program.  For too long have small businesses in this town thought they were top shit, and had the audacity to try to encourage local support within the community.  It is down right sickening.

They are taking time, money and resources away from the City of North Bay that could be used towards big box stores and chain restaurants!  Now THOSE are individuals that work hard and deserve our hard earned cash!  

When Escape Movement closed I was ecstatic!  Think of what they were wasting! They had a location that could have easily been another Tim Hortons!  They were drawing customers away from stores like Walmart. And think of the workers there – while they were working that dead end job, they could have been working for the GAP!  

I saw that yet another dime-a-dozen store is draining this town.  That weird Wyld Street Poutinerie that only does delivery over Skip the Dishes. You want us to support what you do?  You hardly had the common decency to incorporate your business! Where is your store front? Where are your billboards?  Where are the countless other locations? Stop trying to be creative by working around the pre-established status quo that restaurants have to follow!  The only local business worth supporting is one that is already established.  

Get out of here with your “Entrepreneurial Spirit” and come back to me when you are making enough to hide multiple sexual assault allegations within your company.  

Until then, leave your hopes and dreams at home and go work at Walmart, or HGS, or some business that ACTUALLY makes a difference!

Scott Patrick Atkinson

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