Letter to the Editor: F██k the Ford Government

Addressed to: Darren D. MacDonald, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

[Editor’s Note: The following letter was sent in on Wednesday, February 20th]

On February 20th, in response to a student protester at Queen’s Park swearing, Doug Ford said that students “should have their mouths washed out with soap. That’s what they should have.”

You know what I saw? Doug Ford dismissing the concerns of the students against education cuts because of some swearing…

Well, get a load of this ing bull.

This drastically cuts funding for all these wits of the future and thinks that █ won’t hit the fan? This tuition was the catalyst for many students who don’t want to be burdened with upwards of 10 thousand ing dollars of   debt to go to college. They little ers went back for business and . Now that piece of has the mother ing tools to not only create a lasting career for themselves but give back to this █ bag we call a county… And that’s ing beautiful.

Wash their mouths out with soap? I’ll take that ing soap, turn it sideways and shove it up your hole for that… Not just the █ … the hole. Metaphorically, of course, I ain’t no ing psychopath.

Get a load of this bull. Grant vs Loan allocation. The numbers before this ed with our was a simple 50:50 ratio. After? 20:80. What a load of . Yes, the grant:Loan allocation changes based on whatever poor excuse for a salary your parents manage to get, but this seems to be the average, with the numbers given.

Let’s get very ing basic for a second.

So, a student borrows $10 000 a year from OSAP to get some education or and let’s say they want to be a fancy and is going for a 4-year degree program. Originally that would be 50:50%! The student would get a grant of $5000 per year and get $5000 of student loan. 5 ing thousand dollars. That’s a pretty bitchin’ grant. This er gets $20 000 of actual student loan over the course of the 4 years

After the change, with that ing 20:80%, the student would get $2000 per year and get an $8000 of student loan. Do you know what difference that makes? That is 12 ing THOUSAND dollars added to the total. That little has to pay back $32 000 in student loan.

Here’s where the numbers get really ed. Not only is it $8000 shy of being double, when we start to look up that ed repayment schedule, OSAP used to be a 120-month repayment schedule with 6 being that ing grace period. That’s 10 years or some .

The interest will stay at a 3.5%, but check this out. With a payment schedule of $232 per month for 114 months, you will pay a ton, but not too much. It’ll be $26 448. After the change, you are paying back $356 for 120 months (remember… the ing grace period) for a grand total of $42 720. 42 ing thousand, 7 ing hundred and 20 MOTHER dollars!

That ising bull and that bag of an excuse for a person knows it.

This isn’t including other loan sources that may be required to make up the entitlement shortfalls. Like .

Same █ing education, but over double the loan. It’s a complete load of . That is an increased cost of 162%. Doug Ford is surrounded by suckers. But hey, that’s the ing government in a nutshell.


you, that’s who.

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