Leisure Farms a-maze-s thrill seekers with actual Minotaur

From: Darren D. MacDonald, thenorthbaybay.ca staff

STURGEON FALLS – After a two year hiatus, Leisure Farms brought back its “Fright Night” on Saturday.

The annual event features a terrifying corn maze and a haunted barn which attracts families looking for “thrills and chills” – but it attracted much more.

“Look, if you build a barn in the country, you’re bound to get mice,” explains Leisure Farms worker Mitch Cook. “And if you build a maze, you’re bound to get a Minotaur.”


While preparing for Fright Night, Cook noticed the tell-tale signs of a Minotaur inhabiting the centre of their maze. 

But with so little time Fright Night opening, there was no way to remove the beast.

Still, Cook says the Minotaur wasn’t anything to worry about.

“With the size of our maze, it’s definitely no bigger than 4 feet tall,” explains Cook.  “We’d just tell people to enter in pairs; you and someone you can run faster than.”

Individuals injured in the maze by the Athenian bullman received some of Leisure Farms amazing baked goods, which “more than made up for any of the ’minor manglings.’”

“The Minotaur was a big hit, both figuratively and literally,” smiles Cook. “We just might have to keep ’em around.”

“Maybe next year we’ll give it a battle axe to really spice things up.”

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